About SPIN Girls

SPIN Girls launched in the Fall of 2018 with the explicit goal of expanding the pipeline for girls of color in STEM careers. SPIN Girls is a transformative program that builds leadership and provides immersive STEM experiences, all paired with mentorship for girls of color by professionals of color from across King County. In Fall of 2018, 22 8th grade girls were inducted as STEM Learners.

SPIN Girls is open to female-identified students entering eighth grade in a King County school. Girls of color with the potential for leadership and excellence are strongly encouraged to apply.

SPIN Girls comes together 10 times over the course of a school year for Lab Days and Field Days. A typical Lab Day includes team building and project based learning on various topics including 3D Printing, Coding, Robotics, and/or Electronics, as well as professional mentor conversations connecting professional work to project based learning. The final Saturday program is a capstone presentation, where SPIN Girls develop and present STEM-based solutions to real world challenges.

Field days are an opportunity for scholars to see STEM in action through visits to  partners such as universities, local businesses, and nonprofit think tanks.

In the summer, SPIN Girls attend a week-long retreat to review their year, learn other STEM topics and participate in other fun activities and workshops.

SPIN is currently working to find women of color who want to be the mentors they wish they'd had. If you are interested, please let us know! 

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Youth leadership

All SPIN Girls start out as STEM Learners in 8th grade. In 9th grade they become STEM Mentors, mentoring a new cohort of STEM Learners. These Mentors will become STEM Leaders in 10th grade, helping to lead the program while newly minted Mentors work with the next cohort of Learners.

Professional Mentoring

SPIN Girls are paired with professional mentors of color who share their educational and work experiences through conversations, job shadowing opportunities, and support in developing educational plans.  

Summer programming

Every summer SPIN hosts a week-long retreat where SPIN Girls contribute to planning the next years’ program and provide input into what they would like to see more (or less) of. The schedule includes college and career planning workshops, team building and project based STEM learning, and strategic planning for the following year.

Scholarship and support

Every year, culminating scholars will gain a $150 scholarship. At the end 3 years, she will vest $450 in scholarships. Students receive ORCA cards to encourage attendance at all lab and field day activities.