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SPIN Girls Mentor Position Description

A SPIN Girls Mentor provides a link between young women and professional role models in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) through a variety of direct experiences and opportunities. Mentors share their stories and career path in STEM fields with 8th-10th grade girls of color. Girls will be equipped to make choices about what they want and don’t want as they envision their futures and develop an understanding of the path toward achieving a STEM career of interest.

Your role as a mentor can have a significant impact on our girls of color in a variety of personal, academic, and professional situations. You can serve as a connection for a young person to personal growth and development as well as social and economic opportunity. And when we make this investment in young women, the ripples of those investments are seen for generations.

We come together 10 Saturdays over the course of a school year for Lab Days and Field Days, all lasting about 3-4 hours. Lab Days include team building and project based learning on a specific theme and conversations connecting your work as a STEM professional to the project based learning. Field Days are an opportunity for scholars to see STEM in action through visits to partners such as universities, local businesses, and nonprofit think tanks. During the summer, we will have a one week retreat where you can also help by providing workshops or being a chaperone. Mentors are expected to attend all these sessions, to offer a job shadowing opportunity, and to support their mentee(s) with their Capstone project.

Here are the dates for 8th grade cohort for the 2019-20 program year:

October 12th, 9:30AM-10:30AM, Orientation
October 19th, 9AM-1PM, Lab Day
November 2nd Field Day
November 16th 9AM-1PM, Lab Day
December 7th Field Day
January 4th  Field Day
January 18th 9AM-1PM, Lab Day
February 15th Field Day 
February 17th-21st Potential Job Shadow week (1 day for mentee to job shadow)
March 21st 9AM-1PM, Lab Day 
April 13th-17th Potential Job Shadow week (1 day for mentee to job shadow)  
April 18th Field Day
May 16th 9AM-1PM, Lab Day 
June 20th Capstone Presentation (Family and Friends Invited)

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